Peter Downie's Code Library!

Soap Client: new version

This works with petersSoapClient! May or may not work with wsdls and such.

Soap Client: OLD VERSION

This is a soap test, it can show you the names of all the functions available and also allow you to test out any function Only works with nusoap functions

Old Age Benefits Canada

If you're wondering how much money you can get from the government.

Free Chess Stuff

This is a free printable chess board created by yours truely. Also I have added a knight trainer!

My Free Mysql Stored Procedures

Click to view some mysql functions I have created.

Free Business Card Maker(BETA!)

This program allows you to make professional dual sided business Cards without a lot of fuss.

PHP Experiments

This is a learning project for me as well as others.

QR Code for urls(not working atm)

Creates links in addition to qr codes!

Ajax Magic

Ajax Magic is a javascript file that allows you to easily use ajax without the tedious job of writing a lot of code Project has been abanadoned, please use JQuery.

Free PHP

These are free and open source, please do not remove the header on these files though!